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This particular project was not a web design and development project. It was, in fact, an opportunity to do something I had never done before; build a fully responsive email template. Working with the 99designs team was a total blast. Not only did I get to learn something new, but I also followed through with the deliverable, having never done one before.

I look forward to working with them again if the opportunity ever arises! Thanks, 99Designs!

Alliance Automotive 

My time with Alliance Automotive managing their Magento site alongside their many other startups was a fantastic opportunity to begin my project management career. The small team of IT specialists I assembled there at Alliance Automotive was nothing short of a famed classical ensemble. The two years of my life spent working on various large and small projects will be cherished memories that’ll last my entire life! Thank you, Casey, and best wishes!

alliance automotive website
wipertime website

Wipertime Project

Wipertime was another unique experience that challenged and added to my skillset. I managed a small team of 3, a designer, a web and software developer. This project had extensive custom development built within the WordPress platform. The real challenge (and fun) came from taking existing automobile data, creating a custom plugin, and integrating it into the database, which inevitably became a fully functional vehicle search engine for your perfect wiper blade fit. This site could perform so many tasks that it would take the whole page to list. Though Wipertime never did take off, the entire project was a blast, and every day was something to look forward to!

ACM Digital Library

Wow! These are the first words I think of when it comes to having been chosen to update and modernize the TOCHI site. It was an absolute honor to modernize the TOCHI site for such an esteemed scientist. Jeffrey (Research Scientist for IBM, Google, and now Apple!) was fantastic! Jeffrey affirmed my belief in the skills and abilities I believed I had, and the confidence that grew from that has carried with me evermore, especially after his touching endorsement and recommendation on Linkedin for a job well done. Thanks, Jeffrey, for believing in me!

tocha acm project

The Zatista modernization project was an opportunity to work on a website whose business is something I have a keen hobby interest in; an art gallery. Like many of my projects, Zatista needed modernization updates for mobile responsiveness. So it was one of the first already-thriving e-commerce sites I got to work on! I’m pleased to see that the team over at Zatista is thriving today, with many of my designs and dev still in place! / eStudios

So, Tim at TWA/eStudios is one of the coolest (there’s just no other word to use!) clients I have ever worked with for many reasons. First, Tim and I built an enduring business relationship that lasted years that transcended business itself. That’s something I shoot for with every business relationship without sacrificing QoS. Ultimately, speaking (with one another) and being genuinely interested in each other’s lives and common interest topics reinforced our work together.

tocha acm project

Hundreds of Projects

With time I may add my more extensive portfolio, but the fact is that most of my works are all over the web through much of my social media, particularly LinkedIn. Most notably, I am probably working on another project, so I am spending my time on that instead of here.

The critical concept is that our experience is most gratifying when it’s personal and business. I love what I do, and I take great pride in that. I enjoy meeting new folks and building relationships at every opportunity. If you hold these values and want to work together, connect, or see more of my work, click the link (for LinkedIn) or shoot me an email or text, and we can start a conversation.

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